The Phantom Classics Lists

In keeping with the philosophy of Old Mozz, I am compiling a list of Phantom Classics for display on this page. This list serves to remind us of some truly great Phantom tales and the classics tell us about the evolving Phantom legend. It also serves the purpose of acting as a guide to those who are new to reading about the Ghost Who Walks and want to know which stories to get first.

Anyone wishing to submit their list of favourites can email me at List your favourites and why you like them, ie. artwork, story line, moral content etc. I will add them to Old Mozz's list of Phantom Classics.

Well Phantom fans, have your say!

The Phantom Classic List - The Story so far.....

And as I have been sent some European favourites the new, though short....

European Phantom Classic List - and others.....

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