The Art of Ray Moore

Ray Moore's Phantom

The style of the Phantom strip then changed over 1939 and 1940. The change, which began in the daily story "The Slave Traders", was a gradual simplifying of the look of the Phantom, and to a lesser extent the other characters. The change in style continued to develop through "The Mysterious Girl" and "The Golden Circle" and was well established by the time "The Seahorse" reached the end of its first six weeks at the end of February 1940. It is quite difficult to spot the beginnings of the change in "The Slave Traders", but the overall changes in style are easily seen if we sit any of the art from Ray's first eight stories down beside "The Mysterious Girl", "The Golden Circle" or "The Seahorse" and take a direct comparison.

Ray Moore's Phantom

The Ray Moore Tribute

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