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Tied in with this style change in the dailies, is the beginning of the first of the Sunday strips, two weeks into the daily story "The Mysterious Girl" on the 28th of May 1939. In terms of detail, that first Sunday story, "The League of Lost Men", is easily Moore's best set of Sunday illustrations. There is a dramatic change in the quality of the art between "The League..." and the second Sunday story, "The Precious Cargo of Colonel Winn", with "The Precious Cargo..." showing a subtle, though obvious drop in detail. While the evolution to a simpler, less life like comic strip took place slowly, the sudden and significant change between "The League of Lost Men" and "The Precious Cargo of Colonel Winn" remains one of the best examples. The two stories also represent the experimentation in style and shading that seem to have taken place while introducing the Sunday format (See the first page or two of "The Precious Cargo").

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