Meet Old Mozz

Old Mozz

Welcome to the Bandar Village, home of the pygmy Bandar tribe. Nestled in the heart of the Deep Woods, the village is close by to the Skull Cave, where 21 generations of Phantoms have made their home over the past four centuries.

The Bandar Village is also home to Old Mozz. Old Mozz is a "teller". In the jungle world lessons of life, the memory of great deeds and great disasters are passed on by word of mouth in stories. The great "tellers" know all the jungle history and this history and the tribal lore is handed down from "teller" to son. Much like the Phantom's lineage where son follows father, Old Mozz is the descendant of a long bloodline of "tellers". He is custodian of the Bandar tribal memory and guardian of the Phantom lore!

Woru, the first Mozz?

In many Phantom stories over the years Old Mozz has been known by different names and with different spelling, these being some of the examples..Old Man Moz(z)...Old Man Moze..Ageless Mozz...and Grandpa Mozz.

The first appearance of a Mozz like character is in the 1953 Wilson McCoy Sunday story "The Chain" where Lee Falk introduced a wise old Bandar called Woru. Woru, like Old Mozz of more recent times, plays an important part in "The Chain" delivering a personal message of timely advice to our Phantom from his father, the 20th Phantom.

Lee Falk's wonderful invention of the Phantom character has given me and countless hundreds of thousands of other "kids", countless hours of pleasure. This web site is my personal offering back to that Phantom "spirit" Lee created and nurtured over his lifetime. Like Lee's Old Mozz, I hope I can be a worthy keeper of the Phantom lore. I hope you enjoy the site and visit it often.

Stephen Baggs

September 1999

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