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I first conceived "The Phantom Story Project" over several months in 1998 but did not act on the idea until April of this year (1999). The first email inviting interested authors to take part was sent out on the 25th of April 1999 and explains what I had in mind at the time:

Have you ever read a Phantom Comic and been disappointed with the story? Have you ever thought "I could do better than that"? Yes? Well here is your chance to prove it! Enter the Phantom Script Project. A round robin where the participants get the chance to put the Phantom and the villains through their paces.

How will it work?

I have prepared the introductory plot outline and written the first installment. Any Phantom Phans wanting the chance to take part can email me to secure a place. I will allow two weeks to register. Then I will draw the entrants' names to decide who gets a place and the order of their turn at an installment. The story will be limited to 10 participants and installments. All participants will have one week to complete their installment and email it back to me for posting. Anyone who takes longer than a week to complete their part forfeits their turn and the story passes on to the next participant. I will keep track of the order and notify of any alterations of this nature. Obviously, the last person in line has to tie up the loose ends and leave us with a satisfying conclusion to the tale.

To make sure we keep the story simple the main characters will be limited to those in the character list that follows with the story background. I'm sure that you will all find plenty of possibilities there to work with.

As the story develops, the new installments will be distributed on Mr. Walker's Mailing List. The finished story, credited to the participants, will be posted on my Bandar Village web site.

So have a read of the outline and first installment. If you think you have something to contribute, register with me in the next week.

Stephen Baggs.

Episode #1 of NAZI GOLD! was posted out to the Mr. Walker list with these instructions and a list of characters on April 25th. Over the next few weeks I enlisted the help of nine authors to complete the assignments. The episodes came in for editing and posting at fairly regular intervals, culminating with episode #10 which completed the story. Episode #10 was posted to the Mr. Walker email list on August 24th 1999, one day short of four calendar months later.

How good is the story? Read on and judge for yourself....

The Phantom Story Project.

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