European Stories and Others...

Updated on 5th October 1999

In this list "Year" represents the year of publication in Australian Frew comics. At the moment this is my only source of info about the stories. (Unless anyone can offer other advice or information??)

The Count of BengaliFelmang/Benny1995comic6
The Mummy's CurseVallve1995comic5
The Triads (Pt 1-5)Various1995comic4
The Wreck in Bengali BayFelmang/Ferri1995comic4
Wambalu the WitchmanSpadari1995comic3
The TorchNewton1993comic2
The King of ChicagoLindahl1994comic2
The SetupLindahl1995comic2
The Prophesy of the Kaldeers?1983comic1
The Imposter?1984Comic1
The Mystery of the Golden Rune (Pt 1-5)Various1989comic1
Curse of the Granite GodLeppanen1992comic1
Hoogan's RevengeYves-Mitton1992comic1
The Wolfman of MontargisLindahl1992comic1
Hijackers on BoardSpadari1994comic1
Hunted! (The Fugitive)Leppanen1994comic1
The Commander is DeadLeppanen1994comic1
The Evil GameCruz1994comic1
The Ibis Mystery (Pt 1-4)Leppanen1994comic1
Caught in the CrossfireCruz1995comic1
Duel on Destiny Top (Pt 1-2)Cruz1995comic1
The Bird Man of BengaliCruz1995comic1
The Gun RunnersBade1996comic1
The Last VikingLindahl1996comic1
Death of LubangaLindahl1997comic1
Mission to the AntarcticaCruz1997comic1
The Phantom From The BronxBade1998comic1
The Ring of DeathLeppanen1998comic1
The Last PhantomFelmang1998/99comic1

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