The Story So Far.....

Updated on 5th October 1999

The favourites continue to trickle in. It seems that most of us have our 2 or 3 favourites rather than our 10 to 15??

The Phantom Goes to WarMoore/McCoy1942/43daily10
The Singh BrotherhoodFalk/Moore1936daily5
The Masked MarvelMcCoy1948/49daily3
Gooroo's Jungle MuggersBarry1980/81daily3
The Game of AlvarMoore1940Daily2
The Childhood of the PhantomMcCoy1944/45Sunday2
Princess ValerieMoore/McCoy1946daily2
The BeltMcCoy1954Sunday2
The Veiled LadyBarry1965/66Sunday2
The Normal LifeBarry1974daily2
The Tree HouseBarry1980Sunday2
The SkybandMoore1936/37Daily1
The Diamond HuntersMoore1937daily1
The Shark's NestMoore1938Daily1
The Mysterious GirlMoore1939Daily1
The League of Lost MenMoore1939Sunday1
The Slave TradersMoore1939Daily1
The Golden CircleMoore1939/40Daily1
The SeahorseMoore1940Daily1
The Return of the SkybandMoore1941/42Sunday1
Bent Beak BroderMcCoy1943daily1
The Governor and SuzieMcCoy1943/44Daily1
Mr. HogMcCoy1946/47daily1
Romance and the Vesta PiratesMcCoy1947Daily1
The Female PhantomMcCoy1952Sunday1
The ChainMcCoy1953Sunday1
The MatchmakerMcCoy1953daily1
A Proper HusbandMcCoy1955/56Sunday1
Wambo the GamblerMcCoy1957Daily1
The Valley of No ReturnMcCoy1957daily1
The CrybabyMcCoy1958daily1
The Swamp RatsMcCoy1959daily1
The WerewolfMcCoy1961Daily1
The Slave Market of MucarBarry1961/62daily1
The Wharf RatsBarry1962daily1
The Mystery of the Island of DogsBarry1963Daily1
The ReefBarry1964daily1
The Founding of the Jungle PatrolBarry1964/65Sunday1
Rex KingBarry1966Sunday1
The Art ThievesBarry1968/69daily1
The FenceBarry1971daily1
The Vault of Missing MenBarry1979/80Sunday1
The Return of Gooroo's MobBarry1981/82daily1
Mysterious KarapuraBarry1983Sunday1
Tiger: TigerBarry1992Sunday1

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